Be Bold

We must hold our concepts firmly in our imagination before we can convert these dreams into our accomplishments. We must set ambitious goals and reach for our future success.  We must make progress in the face of our own limitations and we must rise above adversity.  No one ever told us the task of creating novel drugs would be easy.  We must be bold and take action.

Be Creative

Creativity leads to original and novel solutions to entrenched problems. We must remain open-minded in our search for such solutions.  We will succeed on the unique talents of our people and teams.

Be Ethical

This includes setting a company-wide example of respectability in maintaining ethical business practices.  This journey must be accomplished with clear and high ethical standards.

Be Respectful

We must respect the differences in our people and acknowledge their contributions to create a work environment that provides opportunities for reward and recognition.  We further define respect as promoting constructive communication by listening to others and fairly evaluating their input.  Everyone’s contribution is important.

Be Nimble

We need to be nimble to make decisions and continue to change in an ever evolving environment. We must have the courage to slice through layers of bureaucratic management if we are to develop innovative drugs.  The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  This journey will be cut shorter if we think in leaps and bounds.

Take action

Given the size of our opportunities and challenges, we must be personally accountable for our individual performance as well as our team performance.  Lead or get out of the way.

Stay focused

In the end this is really just science.  Our success depends on superior innovation and continuous scientific improvement.  The scientific method must permeate all aspects of our business through designing the right experiment, collecting and objectively analyzing data through making critical decisions.  We can be passionate in our goals but we must be logical, open and rational in evaluating our progress.