About RJS Biologics, LLC.

RJS Biologics is committed to delivering beneficial therapeutics to patients suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses.  Our approach begins by focusing solely on getting a drug to the right place.  Improved drug delivery is expected to benefit drug safety as well as therapeutic efficacy.

Using state of the art in silico drug design and by taking advantage of recent advances in the understanding of human genomics, RJSBio eliminates core problems with off-target toxicity early in the initial design phase of our compounds.  We then build small, fully-synthetic, affinity-reagents into our compounds.  These “affinity tethering” agents assist with specific compound delivery.  RJSBio intends to deliver drugs not only to the right cell, but also to desirable compartments within our target cells.  Our goal is to unravel the complexities of drug delivery by focusing on the fundamentals of human biology.

RJS Biologics leverages its drug design and manufacturing expertise to strive for solutions that improve therapeutic outcomes.  These therapeutic outcomes should not come with the cost of debilitating side effects of the given medication.  Moreover, we aspire to measure outcomes in decades not mere months or years.  Started with a core group of dedicated scientists in 2009, RJS Biologics has continued to grow as an independent pharmaceutical company.  We now have national and global reach in our collaborations as we continue to develop our pipeline of transformative medicines.

Pioneering Medicines

RJS Biologic’s medicines are designed to treat serious illnesses including cancer and inflammatory disorders. Our prototypical medicines typically strive to improve existing treatment options.  Currently, we focus on re-tooling existing medicines to provide more viable options to what is otherwise the current available standard of care.

Innovative Research

Understanding the fundamental biological and cellular mechanisms of drug delivery is a defining feature of RJS Bio’s research efforts.  When fighting cancer it is not just the destination of a drug that is important,  understanding the journey of our compounds is also critical.  This understanding is a major contributor to the development of our broad pipeline of potential new medicines. Our “Really Just Science” approach permits our scientists to think out side the box and to evaluate intricate molecular pathways before we attempt to implement interventions on the most challenging human disease targets.